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“ECR 2017 will be dedicated to YOUTH, die Jugend, la jeunesse, la giovinezza, la juventud, молодежь.
It is my intention to bring this message to young radiologists, throughout Europe and across the world.
The scientific programme will reflect this focus on a new generation in radiology: there will be more interactive sessions, a more prominent role for social media, and we will have topics that are of interest to young people, because they represent the future of our profession.”

- Paul M. Parizel
ESR President

The ECR is like the Benjamin Button of congresses, it just keeps getting younger. Every year, more and more young radiologists and radiographers take advantage of the ECR’s special sessions for trainees; about one quarter of participants at recent ECRs have been students and trainees.

More than 6,400 students have attended the ECR over the last five years, and that figure is set to rise at ECR 2017, with many more taking advantage of the special low fee. Many students can also attend the congress free of charge by submitting one of the top 32 student abstracts or by applying for the Invest in the Youth programme.

Student Abstract Submission


The submitters of the 32 best abstracts will be invited to Vienna to present their work in front of a huge audience at ECR 2017 (free accommodation, registration and travel expenses will be provided by the ESR).

Abstract topics: students and radiographers-in-training are encouraged to submit an abstract on one of the following topics:

•    My social/educational student project at my university
•    My scientific paper in the field of neuroimaging
•    My scientific paper in the field of gastroenterology
•    My scientific paper in the field of breast imaging

Submission period: July 4 – October 18, 2016

You can now submit your student abstract(s) HERE.

The best overall abstract will receive an award during the final student session.

Invest in the Youth

The ECR will continue its highly successful Invest in the Youth programme for the 14th time at ECR 2017. The aim of the programme is to give young radiologists and radiographers-in-training the chance to participate in the meeting.

Successful applicants will be offered free registration for ECR 2017 and free hotel accommodation (once a regular registration has been completed beforehand, there will be no possibility of a refund).

Rejected applicants will be offered reduced registration for ECR 2017 (once a regular registration has been completed beforehand, there will be no possibility of a refund).


This offer is available to young radiologists, physicists and radiographers who are:
•    Radiologists-in-training and physicists-in-training under 35 or radiographers-in-training who are 30 or younger
•    Members of the ESR for 2016
•    Submitting authors of an abstract

The applicant must meet all criteria mentioned above.
Selection is based on the quality of abstracts submitted, the number of times a candidate has previously participated in the programme, and geopolitical spread.
The ESR reserves the right to determine the final selection of accepted participants.

Application was possible until  October 15, 2016!

To submit a scientific paper abstract, click here

To submit an electronic poster abstract, click here

How to apply:

When submitting your poster, or paper abstract for ECR 2017, just tick the box labelled “I am a resident under the age of 35, or a radiographer-in-training under the age of 30, and herewith apply for the Invest in the Youth programme at ECR 2017.”

Please note that applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application via e-mail by December 2016 at the latest.

Selection criteria ECR 2017

  • Submitter, author and presenter of an abstract
  • ESR member in 2016
  • Age criteria (under the age of 35)
  • Providing all requested proofs
  • Accepted paper abstract or Voice of EPOS presentation
  • Accepted EPOS abstract ranked by rating result and origin (low income European countries)
  • Participation in the Invest in the Youth programme in previous years

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