General information


To take part in The Voice of EPOS™, the respective affirmation during poster abstract submission must have been ticked. Note that abstract submission is closed, and notifications of acceptance/rejection have been sent. No further application for The Voice of EPOS™ is possible.


ECR 2017 Poster upload of accepted poster abstracts is open until December 16, 2016. Note that meeting this deadline is mandatory for all The Voice of EPOS presenters!

Time and Location

Presentations will take place on 3 different stages from Wednesday to Sunday in and around the EPOS™ area.


You can find the posters and sessions scheduled in the Final Programme and the Interactive Programme Planner on ECR Online 2017.

Selection process

The authors of the best-rated abstracts who selected the respective affirmation during abstract submission are invited to present their work in person at The Voice of EPOS™. The invitation must be confirmed by e-mail within the given timeframe so the presentation can be scheduled definitely in the respective session.

Note that confirmations after the given deadline cannot be accepted, and your presentation will have to be cancelled if you do not respond in time.

Registration discount

As a reward for your presentation, all presenting authors at The Voice of EPOS™ will be able to register with the Early Registration Fees until December 14, 2016.

The reduced fees will be automatically saved in your MyUserArea account, where you can process your registration under MyRegistration.


Poster submission

Poster upload within the deadline is mandatory for all Voice of EPOS™ presenters. Deadline: December 16, 2016

If you do not upload your poster before the deadline, your presentation for The Voice of EPOS™ will be cancelled!

You can refer to already published posters for examples of the format - to access the best posters of 2016 please click here.

Please note that posters cannot be uploaded in .pdf or .ppt format. If you include videos in your poster and wish to show them during your talk, please check the loading time and display quality to make sure that a smooth presentation is possible. There is no maximum limit for images and text, but we recommend to structure the poster in a way that enables a compatible oral presentation of 4-5 minutes maximum.

Presentation details

Please prepare a talk of 4-5 minutes maximum highlighting the main messages / teaching points of your poster.

If there is time there might be questions from the audience, but not necessarily.

During your presentation, you will be able to access your uploaded poster in the EPOS Online Viewing system on a laptop at the speaker's desk, and the same image will also be shown to the audience on large screens.

During the talk you will be able to click through the poster and show any section or image that you wish in order to highlight the message of your work.

The poster will be displayed in the same form as it appears online (not the PDF format).

You can view your finished poster to prepare your oral presentation and make sure that you know where to find all relevant images and text parts. Please note that it is not possible to show additional files - all presentation elements must be part of your poster.

However, you can of course prepare notes for yourself to back up your oral presentation.

There might be changes in the order of presentations, and therefore the presenting authors are asked to attend the entire session.

Presenters are kindly asked to check in at the Voice of EPOS desk 10-15 minutes before the session starts.

Session format

In general

Sessions include 7-9 presentations that are grouped by poster topic or language/country. Each presentation lasts 4-5 minutes; there will be the possibility for questions from the audience.

Sessions are moderated by an expert from the field; moderators of language sessions speak the respective language.

All posters are displayed in English; topical sessions are held in English. Also in the language sessions, it is possible to present your poster in English, should you prefer to do so.

Topic Sessions

Sessions on the following topics and fields of expertise are scheduled: Abdominal Viscera, Breast, Cardiac, Chest, Computer Applications, Emergency, EuroSafe Imaging, Genitourinary, GI Tract, Head and Neck, Interventional, Molecular Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Oncology, Paediatric, Physics in Radiology, Radiographers, Radioprotection/Radiation Dose, Vascular.

The poster text and the language for oral presentation in topic sessions is English.

Language Sessions

All abstracts and posters have to be uploaded in English. In the language sessions the poster text is also in English, but the oral presentation is held in the respective language (or English if you prefer).

Sessions dedicated to the following languages and countries are scheduled: Arabic (Egypt, Middle East, North Africa), Chinese, French, German, Greek, India, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin America (Portuguese, Spanish) Nordic, Polish, Portugal, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.


Presenting authors of The Voice of EPOS™ will receive a certificate of their oral presentation by e-mail after the congress.

Certificates related to the EPOS™ poster (online and onsite presentation) will be available for download in the MyUserArea of the presenter after the congress.

Recording and Live Streaming

All presentations will be broadcast online via the ECR Online streaming service, and the recordings included in ECR Online.

With their participation in The Voice of EPOS™ the presenting authors agree to the live streaming and recording.

If you have any questions, please contact our The Voice of EPOS™ support!

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